If you didn’t go to a nursing school, or if you don’t have a nurse in your family, all chances are that you don’t know a lot about the profession. It takes a caring and professional individual with tough skin to be a nurse. Although they are often not celebrated, they are unsung heroes to many.

However, did you know that some of them are actual famous legends of the past? Celebrated throughout the history, nurses have always been the quiet heroes of wars and mass epidemics. Not silent witnesses in death – but warriors and allies in the battle of life.

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Nurses are Superheroes

Have you ever heard of Florence Nightingale? The Lady with the Lamp, as they used to call her, became almost famous during the Crimean War, in the 19th century. The legends tell that she used to work through the night, attending wounded and helping those in need. Today, we know her as a social reformer, and as a mother of the nursing profession.

She was also a resourceful writer, and believe it or not – she is one of the innovators who helped in popularization of graphical presentation of data. A less known fact is that she also used to write a lot about religion, and about her views on mysticism.

And while we’re discussing writers, do you know who was also a nurse? A male nurse to be more precise, Walt Whitman, the renowned American journalist and writer. During the Civil War, (the actual Civil War), he was also a hero in the battlefield, minding wounded as a volunteer nurse. He even wrote a lot about those experiences, but let’s not get into ghastly details.

Peace is always beautiful. –Walt Whitman

So although technically, the aforementioned two weren’t your traditional, or even registered nurses, they made their mark in the pages of history with their commitment and through their sacrifice.

Nurses of Today

Today, there approximately 4 million registered nurses in the US alone. Most of them work in hospitals (60%), some of them in different nursing care facilities and physician offices, and a total of 5% of them work in home care.

In average, they make about 70,000 USD annually. But although there are many of them, and they make a decent living, you might be surprised to find out that the United States of America is actually short on nurses. Our hospitals, and thousands of those in need, have to face the fact that in 2015, only 200,000 candidates passed the Registered Nurse licensing exam.
However, with so many hospitals and offices that are looking for professionals in this department – salaries can be really competitive. And if you were looking for a career with a bright future – it is a good time to be a nurse.

But let’s not stop there. Here you can find 10 interesting facts about registered nurses, and if you have any of your own you can leave them in the comment section down below.

10 facts about nursing you need to know