Have a hard time expressing your feelings, let the flower speak for you

Here are the Ways to say I Love you!

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Send Her a Bouquet with

  • Violet Tulips – Hearts in love can reach anywhere! We might be miles apart, but our souls are so close and so near; I assure you my love “I’ll always be there”!
  • Red Roses – Totally besotted and completely bewitched; oh girl you are irresistible! From fascination to passion, I am simply enchanted by you, oh dear just read my intense emotions!
  • Pink Carnation – It is a bond forever, it’s a promise that ‘I will leave you never’! You are my soul-mate, how can I forget!
  • White Carnation – It’s your childlike innocence, which makes me fall for you! I crave for your care and you have my cure! My love is not shallow; it is Pious and Pure!
  • Red Carnation – Your thoughts and memories pierce my heart! Cheerful among pals, or even in my hours of sombre; you are the best thing which happened to me, that I always remember!
  • Pink Rose – Lost and found, I offer a pink rose as you came around! You changed all the wrongs in one strong right; baby with you I realized what is ‘Love at first sight’!
  • Daisy – Why to look for love stories in the stories of royalty. You are my princess and I am your prince forever; with these white blooms I express my tale of loyalty.
  • Daffodils – My heart beats for you! I know I love you! Do you also feel the same? I am still waiting for the cue! Oh my dolly, accept my love in these yellow blooms and say,” Yes You Do”!
  • Sunflower – I love your innocent look that generates numerous sensations; you are God’s best creation. My love for you is not mere attraction! It goes much deeper and has all forms of worship, reverence, pride and adoration!
  • Orchid – Sailing on the tide of passion, pushing my love in the waves of your emotion; I get high by looking at your beauty; how can express how deeply I am lost in awe of your sensuality!

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10 Fantastic & Amazing Ways to Say I Love You

Source: www.floweraura.com

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