Judging how smart is a person is always difficult and in most of the time, it is done with the help of their IQ level. While most people debate, how can IQ level of a person decide the smartness of a person and this is perhaps true as well in many cases. Today we found out an interesting information graphic on finding how smartest people look like.

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So here are the following top smartest people from the world, as according to their IQ Level.

  • Stephen W hawking
  • Kim Ung Yong
  • Paul Allen
  • Rick Rosner
  • Garry Kasparov
  • Sir Andrew Wiles
  • Judit Polgar
  • Christopher Hirata
  • Terrence Tao
  • James Woods

So what on basis do you count smartest people around you? Do let us know by sharing your views with us in our commenting section below.

10 Smartest People of the world with Best IQ Level

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