One of the many modern man’s problems is unhealthy eating. Instead of preparing and bringing to work a healthy, nutritious lunch such as grilled fish or lean meat with steamed veggies and rice (for example), people find it easier to simply buy pizza, hamburgers, greasy snacks, sweets overloaded with sugar and similar fast food meals. Consequently, diabetes, obesity and other health issues stemming from too much sugar and fat intake, are quickly becoming a major threat to fast-developing population.

As many people know too well, it is not easy to change unhealthy habits. While they know that it is much better to snack on carrots than chocolate, they keep delaying the necessary change. The biggest obstacle to making a fresh start in their dietary routine is lack of time. Many people with a career and family find it difficult to devote an hour to preparing meals every day.

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An easy solution to modern man’s nutrition problems is a type of food that has rapidly been gaining popularity in the past several years – smoothie. Smoothie is defined as a thick, smooth drink made out of fresh fruit and milk or yogurt, but today people use all sorts of ingredients to make their smoothies as nutritious and tasty as possible. For example, green leafy veggies are smoothie fans’ frequent choice because they contain lots of fiber, vitamins and other healthy ingredients. The reason smoothies have become so popular is because it takes only about a few minutes to prepare it, which is perfect for a busy person rushing to head out the door.

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The following infographic presents information about 10 different smoothies that can be consumed any time of day or night, but due to their particular ingredients, each of these smoothies is “specialized” for a particular occasion or mood. For example, one of the smoothies featured here is called “Smoothie for the Brain” because it contains great antioxidants such as raspberries and blueberries, and also chia seeds and pomegranate which have powerful substances that help the brain function better.

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Another smoothie on the list is a “Kids smoothie” which contains peanut butter – an ingredient that makes everything taste better, so it enables parents to throw in something healthy in there as well, such as banana, grapes, milk or even veggies. Take a look at the whole list and see how you can smartly use the ingredients you already have in your kitchen and prepare a healthy meal quickly, thus ending your unhealthy eating habits.

Here’s our complete list of Smoothies:

  • Smoothie for the Brain
  • Smoothie for Weight Loss
  • Smoothie for Energy
  • Kids Smoothie
  • Party Smoothie
  • Alcohol Detox Smoothie
  • Gluten-free Smoothie
  • Breakfast Smoothie
  • Anti-Depression Smoothie
  • Exotic Smoothie

Let’s take a look at our Infographic.

10 Smoothies for Different Occasions you must try