Winter will be here before you know it. Question is, will your car be ready? Winter’s wet and icy road pose a great risk to drivers, and those who are not prepared will learn first-hand why it is so important to take the proper precautions. In order to help keep you safe, SpareFoot has created an infographic that showcases the steps you should take in order to get your car ready for the cold winter months.

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There are seven things you must do to your car to ensure safety, and those include:

Checking your tires — make sure you have adequate tread on your tires and check their pressure.

Changing your oil — cold temperatures cause oil to thicken, which can prevent it from lubricating your engine, so fill your engine with an oil of lower viscosity.

Waxing your car — giving your car a wax job is the best way to protect it from corrosive materials that can be found on roads in winter.

Switching wiper blades — regular wiper blades struggle with snow and ice, so switch to winter wiper blades to ensure visibility.

Getting a check-up — it never hurts to take your car in for a tune-up, particularly just before the hard winter months.

Adding antifreeze — replace your coolant with one that has a proper mix of antifreeze and water (50/50) so that it doesn’t freeze and damage your engine.

Filling your tank — prevent damage by always keeping your tank above half full. The gasoline will absorb any moisture before it builds up, which if left in there can corrode the metal inside.

Follow these tips and you and your car should be properly prepared to handle the harsh winter months. Take a look at the infographic for more information, and to see just how pretty we can make car maintenance appear.

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