Wedding Planning is one of the biggest challenge of life. While there are too many things to do during wedding planning in the entire course of 12 Months. However, there are certain important things which we tend to miss out every time due to over work or work burden and sometime those things can result out in big problem.

However, the best way when we can always be prepared for all kind of situations is by preparing for everything, planning for every situation and then all of your Special Occasion will go like rocking celebration. To make everything simple and easy for everyone to understand and follow, we have made a special efforts to give you the best possible guide on Wedding Planning Checklist Guide.

We have sorted out the Checklist on basic of Days, Weeks, and Months which would help you to follow the Wedding Planning Guide. You can also follow the guide below which is been categorized into the following

  • Things to do 10 to 12 Months Before
  • Things to do 6 to 9 Months Before
  • Things to do 4 to 5 Months Before
  • Things to do 2 to 3 Months Before
  • Things to do 1 to 2 Months Before
  • Things to do 3 to 4 Weeks Before
  • Things to do 1 to 2 Weeks Before
  • Things to do on The Day Before
  • Things to do on The Wedding Day
  • Things to do After Wedding Day

So Let us know how are going you going to Plan up your Wedding. Share your wedding experience with us so that for other also it would be helpful.12 Months Complete Checklist Wedding Planning Guide


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