London is such a large place, you will really be spoiled for choice if you have just 24 hours or even a few days to spend in the capital. Read on and we recommend a few things that are not to be missed while in London.

Visit the Chelsea Physic Garden

This garden dates back to the 1600s and it is home to thousands of exotic plants and flowers and the world’s oldest rock garden. It holds a unique collection of plants that have been or are currently used in medicine, so a visit to the garden allows you to peruse London’s own answer to a medicine man!

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This garden is a very popular wedding venue and can be used as a unique get away from the hustle and bustle of the City that surrounds it. It is very easy to get lost in the walled garden and acres of unique plantation, so a visit here will never be forgotten. The World Woodland Garden has been added most recently in 2015 which celebrates plants from all over the world that have proven to be useful in medical treatment.

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Bungee jump

A bungee jump is a heart-stopping experience and it is available at many locations across London. You get attached to a long rope and you jump off. A few terrifying, but exhilarating seconds follow where you rush through the air with the wind whistling in your ears.

Ice climbing with an indoor twist

One of the latest things in London is indoor ice-climbing. An artificial ice wall can be scaled and climbers are able to navigate themselves to huge heights using all the equipment that would be used if you were climbing a real mountain. This activity requires a high level of physical fitness so is not for the faint-hearted!

Air tours

Increasingly popular in 2015 is the 45 minute ride in a helicopter, allowing people to take in the sights from the unique vantage point of the London skyline. You get your own plane, and pilot and all you have to do is relax and take in the sights while sipping champagne or a nice glass of wine.


Kayaking is available all over London for example on the Thames and equipment can be hired relatively cheaply. You should never go out without a qualified instructor though.


Boris Johnson has made the humble London bike quite a famous pursuit. Bikes can be hired all over the city and you can cycle to your destinations of choice rather than taking the bus or travelling by car. This is great if you have the time to tour the City at your leisure and can make for a wonderful family day out.

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15 amazing things to do in London in your next trip