People have a great concern when the time comes that they have to spend money on vehicles, engagement ring or a house as they have to spend large amount of money so they want the best choice. When anyone is trapped in a situation like buying expensive thing like an engagement ring for your lover, here are some recommendations given below to help you pick up the right ring

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1 Make sure to choose within your budget

All around the world the average amount spent on engagement ring is between Rs. 30000 and 3 lakhs. In India, according to surveys women buy rings starting from Rs. 35,000 to 2 .5 lakhs. But for many people even this cost can be a huge expense.

2. Exploring Information

The average time taken to choose the perfect ring by men is three months. Research and find about the jewelers on the internet who provide the best quality, designs and patterns for beloved, matters a lot to the men. They like and compare the prices at different places.

3. Consult with her

61% men discuss with their companion about the style and design. As many women love to wear contemporary jewellery while other stick to traditional fashion. You can also take advice from her close friend who may know her view about rings better than you.

4. Choose the shape wisely

Shape of diamond affects the beauty of ring the most.The Round shaped diamond ring is the priority of majority of people, than Prince Cut shaped come on second position in queue. Cushion, Pear, Oval, Emerald, Asscher, Radiant and Marquise are other shapes which are quite popular.

Elements important for buying the best diamond rings

Other than shape of diamond of ring, you should also know about the 4C’s- Cut,Color, Clarity and Carat of diamond.

Cut – Better the cut,better is the shine of diamond. Round shape is the superior cut, therefore has the highest price. Cut maximizes the reflection i.e. luminosity of diamond. The prices are also effected by the order of the cut. The order from the finest to least can be considered as- round, marquise, heart, pear, oval, princess, cushion, asscher, radiant, emerald.

Color – According to GIA diamond color chart D, E, F are the top ranked and should be laid down on white gold or platinum for the best look.

Clarity – Diamonds are formed inside the earth surface under pressure, they have inclusions and blemishes. Diamond with no or hardly any imperfection is of brilliant Clarity. Diamond with Fl, IF, VVS1 are top on clarity scale and costs the most while, VSI,VS2 and SI1 have lower costs due to reduced clarity. There defects are not visible from naked eyes.

Carat – It the standard unit of measuring weight of diamonds and equal to 0 .2 grams, increase in weight raises diamond’s price.

5. Carat doesn’t matter much

46% of woman buys diamonds rings that weight not more than 1 carat.

6. Tone of Right setting

These days two to three tone diamond engagement rings are available in market. Rings with single large diamond (solitaire) in the middle of ring are still the most preferred by woman.

7. Metals used in rings

73% of the population loves to wear diamond engagement rings especiallywhite setting on white gold. Other preferred metals are platinum, palladium, yellow gold and rose gold.

8. Find her ring size

Take one of the rings she wears regularly and precisely measure the length of the ring and note it down somewhere you don’t forget.

9. Save your money with online shopping

If you buy your ring from a reputable online jewellery website especially during the discount season, you can get a saving of more than 20 %. More than that you get diversity in selection and free national shipping also.

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10. Get your ring insured

Insurance can be done within 9,000 or less according to value of the ring which it is just 1- 2.7 % of its price.

11. Enjoy the moment

When you have the best ring it boosts your confidence when you make the final move i.e. proposal. First take permission from her family before proposing as more than half of the men do. Enjoy your moment for which you did such hard work.

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12. Never Ignore the Shape of the Finger

Since buying an engagement ring is not an easy task; one has to do a lot of preparations before buying it, as you have to wear it for a long time. It is important to keep in mind the shape of the fingers of the wearer before buying a ring for her. Here are some crucial points you must know before buying an engagement ring for your love:

Skinny Long fingers

In such finger type the knuckle is somewhat larger than the finger area; usually people having this shape of finger face the problem that their rings spin. When it spins, it is annoying for wearer, especially when it is a signet-ring or a vintage engagement ring because the large top portion touches the adjacent fingers.

It is best to buy a ring with a continuous design, you can wear a ring with Soft Square or strip shape with wide shank. Wide rings are appropriate for you; don’t buy a ring with thinner back. Never think of buying rings with a small stone or diamond in the middle as it makes your finger look wider.

Sausage like fingers

This kind of finger looks tight and chubby; they may swell a little near the knuckle. It is difficult to find the perfect ring because they always look puffy. Buy a tapered band below 5.2mm width and nearly 1.6mm thickness. Contentedly fit thick ring will give a perfect appearance to such hands. If your fingers are really close to each other, wear a low dome shape ring. This may be comfortable for your neighbouring fingers.

Carrot like fingers shape

These fingers are narrower towards the knuckle. Generally the shortest finger is of this shape. You can choose ring of any style, but it must be slightly tight. Try to buy the one which is single number smaller than the actual size. It makes it fixed in its place and stops it from falling off.

Short fingers

Buy a ring for short fingers which make your fingers look elongated. Elliptical, pear or marquise shaped stones help to give a nice form. Small and middle size rectangular emerald-shaped stones on slender shank are also great option.

Large fingers

Bigger rings are precise for your fingers; you can wear large and chunky stuff. The best is, you try different rings and get the one which suits you the best. The only thing you can take into account is that try to keep them large.

12 things to Remember While Buying Engagement Rings!
12 things to Remember While Buying Engagement Rings!