Kids today have really changed a lot and are changing at a rapid rate than what we actually thought would have been. But would you consider being parents of older generation or the newer generation. Ofcourse everyone knows that Kids would always be kids in all matter, but there is a huge calling out difference which we have witnessed in the recent past.

The Typical teenager who was actually a normal kid in the early 1980s, while today the kids are almost like a rockstar having cellphone in their pocket and listening to their favorite songs. Things have changed with these two generations and are more likely to be visible clearly in the upcoming years.

The Following are some of the stuffs where we would like to compare the present generation kids with that of the previous generation kids in terms of the following


1982: Like to hear from Olivia Newton-John, Survivor, Joan Jett and the Blachearts

2012: Now they like to hear Adele, Rihanna, Katy Perry


1982:  Old Movie watching includes Fast Times at Ridgemont High, E.T.

2012:  New Movies included some of the best concept with that of the most animated movies for Twilight: Breaking Dawn, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2

Video Games

1982: Before they used to play with Coleco Vision, Atari

2012: Now the trend has changed and according to the latest trends, people use to love playing with PS3, Wii, Xbox 360

Work Money

1982: According to the earnings for working includes $60.30 per week

2012: Now the earning potential has almost double and its going on increasing to $130.oo per week

Cell Phones

1982: What? Yes, this is what the expression was earlier.

2012: Now the fact is, 3 out of every 4 teens has a cellphone

Career Aspirations

1982: Previously, people were more interested in Engineering, Biology, Business Management, Physical Sciences, Agriculture and natural resources for their future career

2012: Now the trend has been changing and people are moving to more profit making career Niche including Healthcare, Business, Education, Social Sciences, Visual & Performing Arts


1982: Previously, 52% of kids 15-17 had their driver’s license

2012: 43% of kids 15-17 had their driver’s license, because of the fact that most students ride bikes and cars without License 😛

Graduation Rate

1982: 77.5% of high school students graduated

2012: 72% of high school students graduate

College Plans

1982: Previously, not many people would choose to go to college as the stats suggests 58.3% go to college, 35.4% work full time, 6.3% other

2012: But now education is considered to be the most vital part of life with the fact 79.2% go to college, 18.7% work full time, 2.1% other

So are you ready to witness a major shift in the Generation between Teenagers with respect to all years. Do let us know what you like and dislike about the most happening teenagers with us in the commenting section. Also do share this story if you are a modern teenagers.

1982 vs 2012: How much did Teenagers Generation changed

Source: Education Degrees