The Olympics are an incredibly busy time and it can be hard to keep up with all the wins, losses, controversy, and gossip. For those of us in North America these Games were especially challenging to keep track of, with most live events taking place at night or at way-too-early o’clock in the morning.

As the world focused its attention on Sochi, we kept a close eye on social media action. After collecting more than 4 million tweets on the Games, we analyzed the data and awarded our own medals!

For instance, we determined who were the most popular athletes:

  • TJ Oshie, USA, Men’s Ice Hockey (21% of mentions)
  • Charlie White, USA, Ice Dancing (20% of mentions)
  • Meryl Davis, USA, Ice Dancing (14% of mentions)
  • Sidney Crosby, CAN, Men’s Ice Hockey (12% of mentions)

Along the most popular events:

  • Hockey, not surprisingly (45% of mentions)
  • Curling (12% of mentions)
  • Figure Skating (8% of mentions)

And the most-mentioned venues:

  • Fisht Stadium, where the opening and closing ceremonies took place, got the gold with 28% of mentions.
  • Bolshoy Ice Dome, home of Olympic hockey, came in second with 22% of mentions
  • The Olympic Village, with 17% of venue mentions, came in third. Interestingly, the most popular “athlete” mentioned within the village was Tinder.

And Timings making a difference

  • Mark McMorris and Charlie Cournoyer both won bronze medals for Canada, but McMorris was mentioned 1,500% more times in tweets than Cournoyer.
  • McMorris won the country’s first medal, and Cournoyer the last, proving timing and exposure are intrinsically linked.

We combined this data and created an infographic highlighting all the good stuff from Sochi that you may have missed.

Did your favorite athletes, venues and events receive the most buzz? Check out our infographic to find out!

2014 XXII Olympic Winter Games from Sochi