Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, can have tremendous positive benefits to small businesses as much as they work for large organizations. Here are 5 effective SEO strategies that small businesses should adopt to taste success.

1. Make use of advanced link building strategies

Don’t dismiss link building as a gray area. It is not the underhanded click-bait that marketers often assume it to be. As long as link building is done right and implemented as an advanced strategy, it can provide value to every SEO strategy for small businesses. One way to do that is to write authoritative blog posts. Small businesses should include blogs on their website, offering relevant, high quality content to establish them as experts and authorities in the field within which they operate. It is important that your content is updated regularly. Staid content is instrumental in alienating consumers. Concentrate also on building relationships with peers within your industry through networking events, e-mail outreach and social media for link exchanges, collaborative work, and guest blog opportunities. Don’t forget to remove backlinks that might affect your SEO negatively.

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2. Go local

Most small businesses operate primarily locally, so concentrate all your SEO strategies on this premise. Ensure that the website of your small business is listed in all relevant local directories, so that they show up for local search results. Keep your NAP footprint consistent all through your website and all your listings. NAP refers to your name, address and phone number. Inconsistent details will result in your authority being split over alternative listings, as opposed to being combined. Google has several tools that allow business owners and SEO strategists to strengthen the link between the onsite NAP info and the info on other listings.

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3. Expand your on-page optimization

To achieve the best results for your SEO strategy and to get ahead of the competition, small business owners and SEO specialists must go beyond just basic keyword research and expand their on-page optimization. Extensive keyword research is still imperative, but it isn’t enough to achieve the results you could achieve if you stress on other tactics. Keep a watch on what your competitors are doing, especially where keywords are concerned. You might find something that is more relevant and effective to your line of business that you haven’t explored in your own strategy. Once you have acquired these keywords, be sure to update them on a quarterly basis so that you are keeping up with the trends in the industry.

4. Don’t be shy to nominate your small business for an award

Industry awards can add value to the SEO efforts of your small business so don’t be shy about looking them up and nominating your small business for it. Winning an award will work by establishing your business as an expert in your field and will have a variety of benefits for your SEO efforts. PR and SEO work in tandem with each other, so share press releases about your nominations, announcements and award wins. All the leverage that your small business gets from this exercise will help to boost your brand and authority in the industry. If you do win the award, be sure to shout all about that on a landing page, with keywords ranking for the page title.

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5. Make your efforts measurable

A measurable strategy is one that often works. It is versatile and allows you to track your SEO efforts and make tweaks as and when you need to. Measurable strategies give business owners and SEO experts to refine their efforts and target those activities that are showing the best results.

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5 Effective SEO Strategies For Small Businesses