Kissing feels good—that’s a fact we all believe. Nobody can deny that. But did you know that kissing has some health benefits, too? We’re not making false claims here; science has proven it. In the words of Michael Cane, author of The Art of Kissing, “Kissing is passion and romance and what keeps people together.” Andréa Demirjian, author of Kissing: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about One of Life’s Sweetest Pleasure, also said, “A kiss a day really can keep the doctor away.” That’s very true.

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Think about it. Imagine if there’s no kissing involve in a romantic relationship. Can we still call it romantic? So don’t take kissing for granted. Here are some of its benefits:

1. It reduces stress

Wonder why your stress vanishes after receiving a kiss from your partner? That’s because kiss can decrease the stress hormone cortisol. And what’s more interesting is that it can crank up the serotonin levels in the brain. Seretonin is a chemical messenger that acts as a mood stabilizer.

2. Kissing relieves cramps and headaches

A byproduct of blood-vessel-dilation, kissing can also alleviate cramps and headaches. Yes, it’s the best remedy if you want to eliminate that annoying cramps and headaches. No need to spend money for medications. Why not kiss your partner?

3. Kissing burns calories

It may not equate to a focused workout, but at least, it can burn some calories lurking in your system. Experts said that kissing for over a minute could already burn 25-plus calories. Imagine if it’s more than a minute and you do it every day. What are you waiting for?

4. Kissing can help you live longer

The researchers of University College London found that men who kiss their wives before going to work were less likely to get into road accidents. Why is that so? It’s because they feel great and more motivated to start their busy day. If you are happy, you are more focused and mindful.

5. It makes you look younger

Finally, experts have found the safest way to stay young-looking. Experts confirm that kissing is a great muscle workout. It can help shape up neck and jawline. So if you want to stay youthful-looking, kiss more. Say no to plastic surgery.

6. It awakens sexual desire

We all know the health benefits of sex—there’s a lot of it. But of course, most sexual intercourse starts from passionate kissing. That’s what lovers do. So if you want to awaken your partner’s sexual desire, unload that passionate kissing. Now you’re set. What’s the next step?

7. It keeps marriage healthy and strong

In 2011, the Kinsey Institute in Bloomington Indiana conducted a study to discover how kissing and different forms of affection can impact marriage and other romantic relationships. They were surprised as they found out that kissing can affect relationships on a massive scale—it keeps the foundation of love healthy and strong. Without kissing and other forms of affection like hugging and cuddling, it’s certain that a marriage won’t last.

8. Kissing can fight common colds

If someone is sick, kissing may not be as healthy as what we think. But if both kissers are healthy, it can actually help strengthen the their immune system. Kiss more. Please.

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