The Release date of iOS 6 is just ahead now. With the release of iPhone 5, Apple is now aiming for the next generation Mobile Operating System version.

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Below are some of the features which are going to be included in the latest version of iOS 6.

Introduction of New passbook

Passbook is going to be Apple’s App which will provide new way of e-tickets, which would also to find and carry tickets in electronic format for almost anything from sporting events to traveling or even a loyalty card.

Improved Phone app

The all new and revised model app brings you excellent features along with smart reminders, for example, you can be reminded to call you if you are lost somewhere, or you can also leave out a message if you are busy. The Do Not Disturb mode service is also updated with cool features.

Facetime over 3G

We are so excited about this feature, but the Mobile Operator would surely not recommend it although. Let’s take a look ahead.

Brand new Safari app

Finally the Apple Safari browser app is updated with lots of essential features like  Instapaper-style offline reading, iCloud tab syncing and photo sharing website integration. These features are just brilliant, there are others as well included in the list.

VIPs Mails and pull to refresh

This is what i was expecting from a big time now, now you can create a list of all the VIPs to a separate listing where all their messages would be delivered in a separate mailbox along with shared photos and videos too.

Photo sharing is more selective

Now this is been made more simpler, instead of sharing all your images with everyone, now there is a facility where you can share with people whom you want to. isn’t it cool!

Siri more serious Now

Now Siri will be able to understand most of the difficult questions too, which previously it wasn’t unable to do so. The all new Eyes Free features will make Siri more comfortable to use.

Facebook integration

Apple has promised that it would bring out the best ever Facebook integration and interestingly they have updated their apps quite a few number of times so that the user experience always stays.

Guided access for children

This would allow children to not to access certain parts of the screen which will be protected so that privacy is maintained.

Doesn’t require password for free apps

With the updated iOS 6, you won’t be requiring any password every time you go to the App store to download a free application. Once you have linked your phone to the app store, then you won’t have to again and again send your login details.

In-app purchase protection

Apple has confirmed that there will be no problem in case of any loop hole or hacking done with the App store by some naughty hackers.

Bluetooth 4.0 bridge

Apple is continuously working on technology that would enable the use of Bluetooth 4.0 to act as a bridge between various devices which will enable you to have a quick transfer between your your iPod and iPhone.

Apple iOS 6 Features for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

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