Its Coming! Yes its official now, the all new Apple iPhone 5 is all set to come up on October 2012. Although there has been many rumors regarding it till now and we have also covered some of the real stories behind it. Today the smartphone industry is not been limited to just some people, but its more common and thanks to the iPhone Marketing Success to their varied designs and concepts.

While you love or hate Apple products, but this is a true fact that Apple has gone far more ahead with the rest of the competitors with regards to iPhone’s indelible mark on various aspects including to that of the technology, culture and business.

Five Years ago, there was revolution in Apple iPhone products, we have listed out Comparison of all Apple iPhone Products which you might like to read on and checkout how the evolution actually began to pace up. Some of the stats like when Apple started off with iPhone, the revenue was just little and tiny,  but in the year 2012, the revenue raise to 58% of the total company profits, which is in turn huge and marginally fast growth.

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Interestingly, you might also wonder, that the sale of Apple iPhone has really gone up beating some of the best companies like Microsoft and Disney. The fact of today’s is that, Apple is the most valuable company which Steve Jobs has build up. Checkout the following information graphics below and you will be totally surprised how the iPhone has done wonders in the Mobile industry till date with marginally big number of sales all time.

Apple iPhone - 5 Years of Excellent Productivity Success

Source: Statista