Bond has quite a history with regards to gadgets. Early films had 007 wielding relatively low-tech gadgets like the modified attaché briefcase in From Russia, with Love, or Dr. No’s cyanide cigarettes.

The gadgets then started to get quite advanced (and at times amazingly convenient or tongue-in-cheek – see the spiked umbrella in For Your Eyes Only, or the fake duck wetsuit in Goldfinger). Laser rifles, a Rolex Submariner 6538 or Breitling Top Time 2002 with geiger counter, bagpipe flamethrowers, jetpacks, cars that double as submarines … The list goes on with regards to far-fetched devices that have gotten the various Bond incarnations out of trouble.

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Daniel Craig’s Bond, however, is rather more low-key in terms of gadgets. Yes, the amazing cars and classic watches – this time the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean – are still a major part of the Bond franchise. The technology, though, is far more grounded in reality. Facial recognition software on smartphones, multi-touch tables and lightbulb bombs are the order of the day with the contemporary, more stripped-down Bond.

Yet, regardless of how ridiculous or realistic, it’s Bond’s clothing, cars, and gadgets that have helped make him such an enduring icon over the years. Indeed, Bond has helped make brands. Granted, the Aston Martin DB5 is a gorgeous piece of engineering, but it is still referred to as “Bond’s car”.

Have all of Bond’s items and gadgets become instant-classics? No, but that is not always the point. The point is that Bond is suave and effortlessly cool in an often understated way. This is what makes Bond’s style “classic”, and unlikely ever to go out of fashion.

This is the same with any number of watch brands Bond dons. Seiko, Omega, TAG Heuer, Rolex, Breitling – all timelessly stylish, no matter what the current trend is. With this in mind, the UK’s premier watch retailers, have put together an infographic detailing Bond’s greatest tech – certain to leave his enemies shaken and stirred.

Best of Bond 007's Greatest Gadget