It is that time of year again, and as most of you know, Thanksgiving is nearly upon us. This means food, friends, family, and most importantly, shopping! Thanksgiving is a time that people enjoy with their loved ones, reminiscing on all they are thankful for. We feast together and spread good cheer. It is a time that most look forward to every year. America has also taken this holiday time to celebrate something else that its’ citizens love… shopping.

Black Friday is no ordinary shopping day, however. Retailers everywhere reduce their prices for one short day in hopes of hitting record sales. And history has proven those records are being broken each year – this years’ sales are projected to be $8 billion more than last year.

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Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year for most of the world. And whether you hate it or love it, it’s a part of our holiday culture. Year over year Black Friday has become more and more profitable for retailers, and each year the sales start earlier. In the past the sales started during the wee hours of the night. This year some of the sales begin as early as 8 PM on Thanksgiving Day

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Some argue that this takes away from the family time people enjoy on the holiday, while others embrace it and take full advantage of the price cuts. With this new holiday making such an impact on Americans, we thought it would be fun to visually map out some shocking and surprising statistics in our newest information graphic. Whether you are for or against Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping, this infographic is full of information that is entertaining for everyone.

Black Friday 2012 Deals & Discount - $60 Billion Spending