On AMC’s award-winning show Breaking Bad, we’ve watched protagonist Walter White transform from a teacher and family man into Heisenberg; a cold, cruel, crystal meth-making drug lord. When we first met Walt, he was an over-qualified high school chemistry teacher who was diagnosed with lung cancer. His only goal in life was to make sure that his family (a teenage son with cerebral palsy and a pregnant wife) swimming in debt after his imminent death.

To ensure the financial stability of his family, Walt decided to join the crystal meth business. He teamed up with a former student, Jesse Pinkman, and the two began manufacturing and selling crystal meth. What started as a desperate attempt to look out for his family quickly transformed into something much bigger and darker. Walt became obsessed with power and the fact that his product was the purest meth anyone had ever created. He became dark, dangerous, and arrogant, and selfish. He’s constantly put his family in jeopardy, and has refused to quit the business multiple times, despite the fact that his cancer is now in remission and he has made more money than he ever thought possible.

Walt has made a lot of mistakes and caused a lot of deaths during his time as a crystal meth cook. He’s hurt his loyal partner Jesse in ways that Jesse could never imagine, he’s relied on not-so-reliable people to help himself get out of jams that could have led to his arrest, and his ego and arrogance are growing every minute.

After four and a half amazing seasons, Breaking Bad is closing up its meth lab next summer, and viewers are left wondering, will Walt really get away with everything? Or will one of his past mistakes come back to ruin him? Check out our information graphic, The Loose Ends That Could Unravel Walter White, and see if you can remember everything that could finally cause the demise of Walter White.

Breaking Bad - How Walter White transform into Heisenburg

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