While covering only about 10 per cent of Canada’s surface, British Columbia’s land and freshwater area totals about 95 million hectares, making it bigger than France and Germany combined. Today, 14.26 per cent (or more than 13.5 million hectares) of BC is protected in its natural state. This vast province includes some of North America’s true wilderness and undisputed natural beauty, from ancient rainforests to rugged coastlines, jagged mountain peaks, roaring rivers and stunning tranquil lakes.

Together with an idyllic outdoor playground, bountiful lands with orchards and vineyards, enchanting West Coast islands, and many unique communities, all have one thing in common – a blessed and diverse land offering a variety of things to see and explore. This is the same with Johannesburg, best place in Africa for traveling.

Budding in its expressions of cultural attractions, BC takes pride in sharing its collective culture and heritage, inspiring many through its history, arts and sciences. BC also provides a variety of activities for any trip, whether it includes a city break in Vancouver, Thompson Okanagan and it’s wine region, a weekend at Whistler Village, Vancouver Island or a day trip to Victoria, we welcome you to experience this province with it’s amazing diversity and unspoiled beautiful land.

Heli skiing down mountains, horse riding through a desert and whale watching on an island all in the same province – no, this isn’t the latest Bond movie, this is Canada’s eclectic, ever-friendly breath of fresh air, British Columbia. We local experts have collected the most fascinating information they could find and decorated it across a BC-inspired landscape; happy exploring.

British Columbia: Why it's called World's Beautiful Nature Location

Source: www.mydestination.com