Do you have a passion for fashion? Are you thinking about the possibility to start your career in the fashion industry? Do you have doubts on how to do it or what to do first? In that case, this infographic is for you.

Did you know that 68.6% of people working in the fashion industry are women? Or that only in Australia there are over 7,000 people employed as fashion designers? And this is growing because according to Australia’s department of employment, by 2018 there will be over 1,300 job openings within this profession. This infographic visualises these and many other facts you will be interested in if you want to become a fashion designer.

The visualisation reveals some fun facts you didn’t know about this continuously changing sector. It will help you make up your mind if you were planning to change careers and enter this passionate world. You can find out with this infographic the level of education and skills you need to become a fashion designer as the majority of workers employed in fashion hold a bachelor degree, over 31% hold an advanced diploma and 31% have a certificate III or IV.

The infographic visualises the skills you will need to have to get your dream job within the fashion industry. These are some of the required:

Research and investigation: you will need to be able to undertake product research to understand fashion trends

Creativity and artistic drawing: you will need to be able to prepare diagrams and sketches as well as illustrate your design concepts to present it to others.

Negotiation skills: you will also need to agree different deals with customers and providers so you will need to polish up your negotiation skills.

Know the market: You will have to come up with design concepts and textiles as well as recommend appropriate materials for different outfit ideas.

The infographic also explains the different roles you can apply for within the industry, including among others: apparel production assistant, assistant fashion designer, assistant patternmaker, fashion design assistant, product development assistant, senior patternmaker, small custom clothing business manager or small custom clothing business owner-operator.

Why you need to choose Fashion as your Ultimate Career, Now!