Does the title seems little exciting? Obvious it does. This has always been a great point of argument of causation versus correlation. While many people have suggested that its becoming true with the fact that Google is consistency working on its search engine to make it better and better with the help of Panda and Penguin Updates.

As everyone knows the fact that Facebook and Google are not friends in real life and with the support of Microsoft, Facebook seems to be growing even more bigger. So how the correlation of Facebook Posts comes into the Google’s Search Engine? While its pretty simple, both of them are internet giants and both want to work and go ahead together.

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While we definitely believe, that Google is now closely monitoring social media activities to make its search engine even more better. For previous years, SEO was just all about building backlinks, but the recent algorithm changes has brought in too many factors to decide search engine visibility of a particular website. Another excellent thing which Google has done is by bringing the Google Authorship implementation into SERP.

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