Academic writing has helped many great icons of this world before.  Like Bill Gates (CEO of Microsoft) said “We are changing the world with technology” while he addressed the students of Harvard University in 2009. He encouraged the students to brainstorm as much as they can but not excessively so that their mind opens up for greater opportunities and more ideas are gathered like his.

Students mostly find it annoying when they are asked to write an academic paper. They feel they are not courageous enough to do this on their own. Although those students who practice writing on daily basis, they find it convenient to do so. They love writing be it academic or non-academic. They most of the times complain about this but this really has something amazing for them hidden in it.

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The purpose of academic writing is to test the capability of the students and understand how deep they are when it is about writing. Writing is nothing without ideas and profound thoughts, and if these are projected in the paper, through this teachers are able to evaluate and judge the student.

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To cope up with this situation, many seniors say you should make reading and writing your core hobby as this might not prove you positive at the moment but sooner or later comes a situation where you might be thankful to these seniors for guiding you. Academic writing is not a problem unless you make it. Also because of a reason that education is costly these days and to the best out of it, is almost impossible these days.

This is something from which you can learn everything. It not just involves writing but research, thinking process, formulation of ideas and last but not the least, you credibility of being creative in the field of writing. While enticingly these days, Online education is growing with a rapid race.

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