A Big Deciding Question for all of the Youngsters, Is your still worth attending? While this was not the question of the Decades but has emerged lately when more and more people are trying to learn lot of things from themselves and from online too. Not just this, people are nowadays trying to learn more from the people who are very well educated to teach them so that they can get more benefits.

Although it has proven that 75% of the people are learning more from the Tuition instead of their education from College. Is this a great turning point in our history where people learn from the Tuition and not from College. However one of the best things which college has thought is to Create Startup Business and where we were given an idea to develop the Complete Startup Checklist so that everyone can be benefited.

Also you might not believe, but there were some of the best lessons on College which my teachers gave us. This lines are from “Ms Meera Mam

“College is not just for Education. Education! you can learn it from anywhere else in the world, but in College you come to learn new skills, develop interpersonal communication, learn how to speak to others, developer yourself to a great extent and finally learn how team works best”

Before even i use to think that college is just worthless when you know whats going to be thought over there. But just when i use to think, words from my Teachers always use to flash up my minds. So give a Thumbs up to our college days and post your views on what you think, are our college still worth for best education.

Case Study: Is College Education still Worth to Study?

Source: degreejungle.com