Over the years now Google has done many good changes to its search engine. With more people entering into blogging and more webmasters joining the internet revolution, its highly difficult to maintain everything intact. But appreciate Google! they have really done a good job over the time.

Today we are going to enlist you some of the best and worst about Google and how they have almost killed the Long Tail Keyword and in the upcoming future Google Algorithm changes, this would be literally proved to a good extent.


How to go keyword Research genuinly

Google Authorship – Way to Google 1st Page

Search Engine Position factors

Social Media for Google SERP

Here are few and important changes which Google has made towards its search

  • Spell Correction
  • Google Instant
  • Search Mutation
  • Google Places & Localization
  • Google Mayday update
  • Large Listings for Official Sites
  • Other Google Verticals
  • Panda & Penguin Update
  • Large Adword Units & Additional Space
  • Query Deserves Freshness
  • Keyword (Not Provided)
  • Google Funded Scrapers
  • Google Advisor

And Many Others…

So QuickList, just follow through the insights of Google in knowing more about how Google is killing the Long Tail keywords in its Search Engine.

Case Study: Long Tail Keyword - No Future in Google Search Engine

Source: Google Algorithm