Most Organization today are facing problems wherein their employees are wasting more of their time over in office. Most business are trying to make employees schedule more better so that they can just rock and roll over but sometimes, infact most of the times employes are just taking all these into over consideration.

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Following are some of the top Time wasters

Chatting with co-workers: One of the most common way by which most employees waste time in their office or company.

Non work related Internet Surfing: Now this is another one which is again most common these days with Internet marketing and web companies wherein most employees waste their time surfing the web instead of doing something beneficial.

Useless Meetings: Calling meetings with rest of the employees for useless stuffs is always a waste of time which lot of big official from the companies do.

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So what steps are you taking to make your company reputation better and how are you making your employees always motivated toward work.

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