New York City Mayor Bloomberg’s soda ban is all over the news, but setting the politics aside, here at Everyday Health, we wanted to know how sugary soda drinks affect your health.

Did you know that according to the California Center for Public Health Advocacy, Americans consume on average 50 gallons of soda per year? That load of soda accounts for the single largest source of sugar and empty calories in our diets. The USDA reports that soda is the leading cause of childhood obesity in the U.S. Other health concerns arise as well: increased risk of heart disease among men, high triglycerides among women, and increased risk for aggressive behavior in kids. For those with or at risk for diabetes, soda can spike insulin levels in the body.

Interestingly we have also covered how video games improves health, which was indeed a great concept of how we can improve health in matter of minutes. Soda can some time lead to severe headache too, which is why 90% of world population severing from headache, when serious cravings are involved.

Soda has no nutritional value, just empty calories, and often leads to weight gain and cavities. Whether weighing in on the political debate, or just making health decisions for you and your family, the risks of regular soda consumption should be considered before enjoying your favorite cold beverage.

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