Today is the Official Birthday of worlds best Gadget, which is Apple’s iPhone. Whoo!! its hard to believe that iPhone has completed its 5th Anniversary today and in the recent 5 years, Apple has done a lot of things from time to time. Certainly its the best gadget today and is the most widely selling gadget from Apple.

Definitely Playing Angry Birds and some more fantastic games including Temple Run and much more are just awesome on my iPhone. You Should also try one at-least in your life, its certainly the best Phone. It’s also fun to watch Apple is selling more iPhone these days with more the amount of babies born, isn’t that funny. But its the craze which people have for Apple products, and this is probably one of the reason why their products are been sold in Millions even before the launch.

Apple has really produced a lot awesome products under Steve Jobs which has gradually become a major hit in the market right from the beginning of iPhone, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4G, iPhone 4S and next its time for iPhone 5 probably in October this year.

Apple has also achieved so many landmarks when it was on the control of Steve, and gradually it went off low, but still even today their gadgets are playing well in the market. So why not celebrate this wonderful gadget with awesome experience. So Which feature you like the most in Apple’s iPhone Product? Do Share your views on the iPhone success with us in the commenting section.

Celebrating Apple's Gadget 5th iPhone Birthday

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