Did you know that franchising is a 2.3 trillion-dollar industry? Investing in a franchise opportunity is a smart move and one that offers many benefits, including established brand recognition, a proven business model and a helpful support system. Numerous companies in a wide variety of industries have franchises, so the likelihood of being able to purchase a franchise within a company that you acquire a genuine interest in is high. Franchises continue to become increasingly popular. One out of every six jobs is within or related to a franchise—that’s 170,000 new jobs each year!

To keep a franchise business, or any business for that matter, thriving the franchisee needs to put in place an effective marketing strategy to further increase awareness about their business and promote any products and/or services they offer. It is crucial to the success of a franchise to conduct search engine marketing campaigns to increase their online presence.

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Because society has moved into the digital era, it is imperative that every franchise provides easy access to all of the necessary information about their business to their online audience. Obtaining a strong web presence can turn leads into conversions, in other words, turn an interest in a product and/or service into an action—the actual purchase of the product and/or service. Thus, this signifies increased sales.

This process is much more complex than it sounds. There are multiple challenges that franchise businesses face with search engine marketing campaigns that need to be addressed in the beginning stages of planning. Creating a search engine marketing campaign is already a difficult task, but add a franchise business into the mix and it becomes even more daunting. The difference in needs of the franchiser and franchisee poses a serious issue.

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The franchiser prefers to adhere to company standards by controlling the message and protecting the brand and also considers appealing to multiple markets and expanding to more locations as huge priorities. On the other hand, the franchisee desires marketing and advertising creativity, the freedom to control their own offers and web presence and the ability to beat the competition and maximize profit.

To overcome these obstacles, we recommends that the franchisee hire the right team of SEO, PPC and web design specialists to carry out a franchise’s digital marketing plan. Having a reliable team of marketing specialists who truly understand the needs of both the franchiser and franchisee and can effectively meet those needs is ideal for this tug-of-war relationship.

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Unfortunately, nearly five percent of franchises close on a yearly basis. There are several reasons for these failures, including too much local competition, poor business location, ineffective marketing and/or advertising strategies, unrealistic goals, insufficient management skills and lack of funds. Marketing specialists can assist with a number of these problems by finding success in even the most competitive of markets, managing expectations to an achievable level and making the most out of an inconvenient physical location.

This infographic delves into the hurdles discussed that franchise businesses are faced with when implementing search engine marketing campaigns, along with the solution the specified search engine marketing agency offers. We honestly believes that hiring the right team of franchise marketing specialists for a company can make all the difference, not only in the success of their digital marketing efforts, but in the prosperity of the business as a whole.

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