Today we Present you one of the best guide in choosing what kind of iPhone users are you! Basically there are several other types of users and out of that we have categorized everything into one. Following is the list of different types of iPhone users

  • The Fanboy
  • The Unappreciative
  • The Overuser
  • The Desk Job
  • The Hacker
  • The Senior Citizen
  • The Complainer

While you might have also seen how Apple Celebrates iPhone Birthday to enjoying to the fullest. However, this is one of the most interesting thing which Apple do every year in celebrating their Gadget birthday to the fullest.

However, you might also enjoying reading our Entire Specification on iPhone 5 Gadget directly from Apple. The next generation iPhone 5 is going to be an awesome gadget which would give you an awesome insights of everything into the Apps world. Also the transparency of this gadget would also define the best out of it.

Now one of the most interesting thing which everyone would like to see is the competition between the iPhone and Android, as everyone would like to win our the best. So watch out who win the race and also fine out what kind of iPhone you belong to? So don’t wait just tweet out the message as to what kind of iPhone users you are with the following twitter codes

  • #theFanboy
  • #theUnappreciative
  • #theOveruser
  • #theDeskJob
  • #theHacker
  • #theSenior Citizen
  • #theComplainer

We are looking forward to your Tweets 🙂