With age comes the aging process. It is only natural that some of us feel the need to restore our youth. On average, around the age of 35 most men will experience the onset of hair loss. Baldness happens in a pattern referred to as pattern baldness. In the UK, about 6.5 million men have male pattern baldness. The pattern baldness begins with a receding hair line which gradually leads to hair remaining at the back and sides but none at the top.

Male pattern baldness is genetic which is caused by the impact of male hormones on hair follicles. The two main treatment types are medication and transplantation. Medication is limited to effective options which in some cases will retain hair. The transplantation option is a surgical technique in which healthy hair follicles are transplanted into thinning areas.

An advance produce in hair transplantation is referred to as follicular transfer (FT). This procedure mimics the way in which hair grows which generates more natural looking results. Harley Street Hair Clinic has created an infographic which will educate you on the process, showing you how straight forward the process can be. The procedure is a matter of 7 steps with a healing time of only 7 days. Unfortunately not everyone who wants the FT procedure can go ahead as you will need to have healthy hair growth on the back and sides of your head.

There is a step by step process if you wish to go for this procedure.

Consultation: You will be assessed on whether you will be able to be a candidate for this procedure depending on the presence of healthy hair growth.

The procedure works as follows:

  1. Donor area is anesthetized
  2. Micro-surgical needle isolates individual follicles
  3. Follicles are carefully removed
  4. Recipient area is anesthetized
  5. Micro-surgical needle creates small incisions
  6. Donor hair is inserted into incisions
  7. Recipient area heals within seven days

This process offers faster healing time as it is a straight forward procedure as it uses your natural hair for regrowth. This generates natural looking results.

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Source: www.hshairclinic.co.uk