Every company and its dog has one (or is at least aware that they should). The need for a great web presence has been around long enough now for us all to rest easy knowing that everybody is producing a neat and flawless website first time, right? Wrong. Oh-so-very-wrong.

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In  the thunderous haste to get a website up and running, companies will step on every bear trap around, creating a blocky ‘00s throwback that leaves them trundling meekly along the superhighway in a cloud of their own smoke with their hazard lights flashing. It’s the cruel reality that’s too much to bear.

So much so that we made an information graphics to parody and poke fun. Better to laugh than to cry, we say. So we’re bigging up the stubborn dev guy who won’t say ‘No!’ to technology for technology’s sake; idiolising the latest AppleSofts and eBayZons; bowing to the ‘E-G-O’ in the ‘CEO’; and throwing quality testing under the proverbial bus.

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And if that isn’t enough irony for you then be happy in the knowledge that we at My Destination are totally smug to have recently launched our very own new site by taking a polar opposite approach to the one mentioned in this infographic, because we suffered enough from past experiences elsewhere to be able to reap the benefits now. And with this info graphic in hand we hope you do too. Just be sure to send it to your CEO, COO, CTO, and CMO. And on that note, we say ‘Launch and Prosper!’

Also Oktoberfest is just about to begin across the globe, so we’ve produced a fresh Visual information graphics to prepare the taste buds of you and your readers. I hope you enjoy it:

Step by Step Elements on How to Build a Catastrophic Website

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