Surveys are being asked to fill in by millions of people across the globe everyday and we can know the effect of these surveys on brands and consumers in the following part of the article. It has been seen that 62% of the people are more inclined to make their purchases from the brand that have asked for the opinions of their users in their study. 35% of the people in such cases are not inclined while 3% are less inclined.

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Whenever a brand takes out a time and asks for the opinions of the people it has been seen that 56% of the users feel more loyal towards the brand, 20% of them are not sure while 24% of them do not feel any change.

Out of every 10 people, 8 of them think that in today’s time the brand listen to the views of their consumers more as compared to 10 years ago. Increase in the market competition, decreasing loyalty of customers and current economic climate are the major reasons due to which the brands listen more to their customers.

It has been seen that 69% of the brands act according to the results and opinions they receive. While it comes to spending time in filling out surveys, 40% of the people are willing to spend from 1 to 5 minutes while 30% can spend between 6 to 10 minutes. 11 to 15 minutes can be spent by 11% of the people while 6% of them can afford to spend 16 to 20 minutes. 13% of the people do not mind spending even more than 20 minutes.

Communication with customers is beneficial for various different sectors and among them retail holds the major portion with 41%. Banking and travel then follows with 14% and 12% respectively. Mobile technology with 11% is the next in list. Telecommunications and utilities both hold 6% each while leisure and others stands at 5% each.

Consumer Surveys: Why are they Effective for Business?