When someone hears about the word “geek”, their minds set to think about the old comic book heros or the latest tech stories founders. While you might not know but the term geek was invented in its origin in the the 1500s, where the real meaning was someone who is a fool.

But its amazing to see, how so many fool, today are changing the world with their most innovative idea all over. However, the day when we are born in this world, represents us to be a geek, no matter whether we are born geeks, or computer geeks, or academic geeks or something other.

Jokes apart!! But in the past, the term geek was used to represent someone useless, while over here, today its use to represents someone with a specified set of skills which makes him master of this work. Also today, a geek represent someone who is willing to invent a new idea and work on it, and at the end helps the society with his innovative idea.

So what which kind of Geek are you? Do Share your story, about what kind of geek you always like to become with us in the commenting section.

Different Types of Geeks and their Evolutions [Infographic]

Source: dictionary.com