The below given article will present some of the facts and statistics related to drug addiction. As per the estimation, 50% of the Americans aged 12 years and above consume alcohol and out of this 25% have binge drinking.  The use or abuse of recreational drugs and prescription medications is taken by around 30 million. Some of the major drug types consumed by people include depressants, anti depressants, alcohol, steroids, tobacco and barbiturates.

The drugs can be classified in various different types including Narcotics, InHalants, Stimulants, Anabolic Steroids, Hallucinogens and Cannabis.  In the year 2009, around 22.5 million of Americans aged 12 years and above were classified as substance dependent or the substance abusers. Heroin is used by around 750,000 people in US and out of 20 almost one high school senior have tried the methamphetamines at least once. S

As per the stats related to various drugs, 8.7% of the Americans aged 12 years and above have made use of illicit drug in the past month while number of people dependent on use of marijuana as a pain reliever has increased from 1.5 million to 1.9 million. The dependency and use of cocaine has reduced from 1.5 to 1.1 million.

Among the teenagers, the prescription drugs are their choice and abused by around 2.1 million.  Tobacco products are used by 11.6% of the youth out of which 8.9% smoke cigarettes.  If we consider the use of Marijuana drug on the basis of state then Rhode Island will top the list with 16.12% followed by Vermont with 15.75%. New Hampshire, Mississippi, Iowa and Utah then follow with 13.82%, 7.79%, 7.32% and 7.17 % respectively.

There are various celebrities that have been killed due to drug addiction and its overdose and some of the names include Lenny Bruce, Chris Farley, Jimi Hendrix, Judy Garland and Kurt Cobain.

Drug Addiction: Stats, Types, Classifications, Facts & Cost