There has been so many iPhone 5 rumors which we have seen till now before its official launch. While the rumors are been coming up daily as we approach for the final launch from Apple. However, it wasn’t tough although to pick out the features of new iPhone 5, but selecting features which Tim Cook would select, is possibly one of the toughest task to do.

We also compiled most of the features and have prepared a report based on some of the popular blogs, enabled us to graced the new iPhone 5 based on the ratings collected which are most likely to come real. While this is just based on the reports we collected from various sources.

So here is what we have got for you for all different types of iPhone users, which the iPhone will be going to include

1. Larger Screen

Definitely 100% true, since this is what most users expect Apple to deliver a larger display.

2. New Design

Again almost 90% true fact that Apple engineers showed new designs which they are working on continuously for the new iPhone since they are are not willing to go with the usual design for the consecutive 3rd year in a row.

3. New Dock Connector

We are convinced that Apple would surely make changes to making a switch to smaller dock connector.

4. Relocated Headphone Jack

80% of the people want Apple to get a new design along with switching to a smaller dock connector

5. More Powerful Processor

This is going to be a 100% sure thing as Apple wouldn’t want its users to be on slow processors like the rumored A6 processor, but we are sure it can come up with A5X processor with quad-core graphics atleast.

6. More RAM

Although expected again to come up since iPhone 4S runs of 512MB of RAM, believe that Apple would surely increase this to atleast 1GB expected.

7. Better Camera

There are less chances of this update, since just 50% of people demand this also to be on the upgrade list. The leaks also shows only small reference to Camera update.

8. NFC

With the recent introduction of NFC, i think Apple will likely to sit out on another next corner with regards to this.

9. 4G LTE

This is going to be 100% sure, as we don’t think Apple would like to lose out the opportunity of 4G LTE for another year as against selling point view from Android Phones.

10. Nano SIM Cards

Majority predicts that Apple is most likely to get or use a new Nano SIM design for its upcoming gadget, iPhone 5.

11. Bluetooth Connectivity to the iPad or iPod

Though expected as i would also love to take my calls on my favorite iPad or answer with an iPod Nano. Although there are very little changes of the same with regards to iPhone 5.

12. September 12th Launch

With most insiders giving viewpoint and hint of releasing on September 12th launch, i am just waiting for the official invite to come out soon.

13. September 21st iPhone 5 Release Date

Most likely according to various rumors coming across. If Apple launches it on 12 September, it would be a great show.

14. October Release Date

Very less, though its the official date of launch, unless otherwise its launching on 12th September.

15. C0nclusion

Looks out for the following information graphics on Apple iPhone 5 Specifications to learn more about its in-depth quality and features.

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