Finally its Coming! Apple enthusiasts have already been waiting more than a year for it as the company listed iPhone 4S instead of the predicted iPhone 5 last year in early June of 2010. But now the wait seems to be almost over, as some of the official news confirmed the release date for Apple iPhone 5 to be as October, which is proposed to have a rumored 8MP camera along with a super fast dual-core processor as of now.

In any case, if you have lost out any of the information, then we bring you complete coverage over here for the Apple iPhone 5 with regards to what processor its going to use? what are all the available components which its going to include? What are the proposed best features in it, is it the Auto focus camera or the Built in GPS system?

Based on the research, we put you each and every minute detail about the iPhone starting from basic iPhone to the next generation iPhone 5 making it first debutant on January 9, 2007. Also it is fully assumed that the new iPhone is going to come up with 1GHz A5 dual-core processor, which is indeed very fast along with 8MP auto-focus camera, which is proposed to be a big improvement.

Now the big question is, will the iPhone 5 going to come up in October as there would be not less than 500,000 apps available on it. Below is an awesome information graphics that will list out all the specifications and evolutions, based on beautiful comparison on Apple iPhone in a tabular format listed below

Evolution and Comparison from Apple iPhone to iPhone 5

Source: Int0mobile