If you are into marketing, particularly online marketing, then probably Facebook and LinkedIn are the two most preferred social networks to bring you lot of sales and conversion. Conversion is always important for any business to grow more, and if you are into any kind of business, then probably you should checkout how Social media is effective for business.

Many a times, lot of people compare Facebook with Google+ Plus, but in the end everyone prefer to be on Facebook, because of it’s massive user base.

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Here are some of the cool facts which you should definitely checkout from marketing perspective.

  • More than 55% of LinkedIn users use it for networking with co-workers
  • Currently there are more than 55 million pure networking guys on LinkedIn aged 33-64.
  • Each month users spend 326 million minutes on LinkedIn.
  • Marketing with Facebook get 41% people success.
  • Currently there are more than 155 million pure networking guys on LinkedIn aged 35-64.
  • For leadership purpose, currently both Facebook and LinkedIn are mostly used today.

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At the end, if you look from Business to Business Marketing Perspective then probably both Facebook and LinkedIn rocks. Checkout this cool and awesome information graphics below and put your views on what you use for marketing purpose from social media point of view.

Facebook VS LinkedIn! Who has better Marketing & Customers?

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