Celebrate June 12 – 19 2015 National Nursing Assistant Week With Famous Nurses from TV

Let’s admit it—the most famous people we know are seen on TV, in particular to great, memorable nurses, who might have been good or bad. No matter, they’re nurses. And on June 12, we celebrate their special day. Do you want to know more about them? Well, check out the following info posts on some interesting things to know about some of our most remembered nurses of all time!

Scary Nurses on TV

What image comes to mind when you see mental hospitals? Well, you might be imagining a nurse abusing her patients, is that right? You cannot be blamed though because there is some kind of personalization on nurses working in the mental institutions. Some well-known scary nurses included Nurse Ratched, Nurse Diesel and so many others. They are all famous when it comes to scaring us. Some movies to see where they are in action include ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, ‘The Nurse’ and ‘Misery.’

Sexy Nurses on TV

Who would forget Kate Beckinsale, Madeleine West and Sally Kellerman on their lovely portrayals of sexy nurses? They have the images that we could create in our heads and these women only proved that nursing isn’t only about commitment, dedication and talent but also about healing patients with their lovely looks.

Real Life Nurses

We can be forever grateful to our most honored nurses of all time! Who could not know Juanita Redmond Hipps, Florence Nightingale, Elizabeth Grace Neill, Hazel W. Johnson-Brown, Eunice Verdell Rivers Laurie and so many more? Each of them has their own contributions to the industry and that each of them has helped transform the nursing world with their levels of expertise and skills. Finally, they would make you thankful for not being alive in the Dark Ages.

There you have our brief but memorable presentation of some tidbits about the most known nurses of all time—on TV and in real life! Let’s all celebrate this joyous day when we remember our great nurses who have an untiring devotion and love to all of us!

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Famous, Sexy & Scary Nurses around the World