In the following part of the article we will read about some of the facts and statistics related to the breast and its size in females.  One of the major reasons for females having small breasts is excessive secretion of testosterone that will suppress the breast growth.  Some of the food items that will help in the breast enhancement include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, cherries, strawberries, chicken, apples, fennel seeds, walnuts, garlic, chickpeas, black eyes peas, green leaves and veggies.

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A female hormone called Estrogen helps a woman to get a perfect curve for their body shape as it helps in the enhancement of breast. Some of the food items that are rich source of Estrogen are apples, plums, cucumbers, beets, wheat, barley, fennel seeds, parsley, garlic, rice and others.

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Phytoestrogen is found in various types of food including peaches, watermelon, collards, strawberry, winter squash, garlic, dried prunes, cashews, black tea, red wine and others.

It has been seen that a woman on an average owns around 9 bras.  Out of every 10, 8 women in America wear a bra of a wrong size while breast cancer is suffered by 1 out of 8 women.  A pair of breasts on an average can produce around 1 litter of milk.  As per 65% of the British Men, breasts are the most attractive part of the body in women and during the sexual arousal, the nipple of the breasts gets swelled by around 1 cms.

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On an average, the breast of a woman has a weight of around 0.5 kilograms while the left breast is slightly bigger as compared to the right one.  The size of the nipple varies from one woman to another.

In America, an average breast size of a woman is 35.9 inches while an average areola size is 1.4 inches.  34B is the average cup size of the bra worn by American women.

Foods that Increase Breast Size