Today, we present you one of the best infographics on two world football champions, Messi and Ronaldo. While we know, both are champions of the world and comparing them is not so easy, but still we have made an effort to compare the best out of them according to the awards and achievements by them in their life.

While, if you are comparing both according to the market value, then its pretty obvious that Messi wins over Ronaldo with a market value of €100 over €90 respectively. Messi has a great year in its Premier League by scoring the maximum goals of the tournament and this is one of the most particular reason why people like and choose Messi for most of the times.

Also, if you might notice, then Messi has more goals as against Ronaldo, which is 50 as against Ronaldo’s 46, which is also a Plus Point for Messi to win people’s heart. While, these are just numbers, and can change at any time, but to be with the audience, most of the people support Messi as of today.

Have your say on the following two world’s best Football Champions. Also let us know which one among them is your favorite and why? Do share your thoughts with us in the commenting section.

Big Football Legends Comparison: Messi VS Ronaldo [Infographic]