The tech giant Apple frequently updates its mobile operating system by adding new features. It also refines existing features to make its mobile OS awesome. This year, Apple is going to reveal the next version of iOS and that is iOS 9, which is loaded with sensational new features.

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The company hasn’t yet announced the launch date of iOS 9 but you can perhaps get this in September 2015 for your Apple devices. Meanwhile, Apple has launched a beta version of iOS 9 for people, you can sign up for this beta version, install it on your devices and use. You can also submit your feedback to Apple so that the company can improve the performance of iOS 9.

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The latest version of iOS offers outstanding features such as

Refined voice assistant app “Siri”

The Siri in iOS 9 is proactive and intelligent than its previous versions. The spotlight search in Siri is also clever and it understands time and location based queries more effectively.

Car Play

CarPlay allows you to wirelessly connect your Apple device to your car’s system. With it you can easily play music in your car stereo, control the air conditioning and radio wirelessly via your smartphone.

Power saver mode that saves battery

Apple has incorporated a “low power mode” into iOS 9 which notify users to enable this mode whenever the battery energy level reaches to 20% and 10%. This power mode turns off background application and data to save the energy and gives a user up to 2-3 hours of extra battery time.

Transit information in Apple maps

Apple maps are now equipped with transit information that allows users to look at alternative routes, train and bus schedule etc. Although, this service is initially available in some selected cities such as London, Washington D.C., Mexico City, Shanghai, Paris, Philadelphia, Chicago, New York etc.

Higher security

Security has been enhanced by Apple in iOS 9 as it incorporates 6 digit passcode that produce almost 2 million password combinations. It makes it hard for hackers to crack the security system of iOS.


iOS 9 is more capable of multitasking. With this operating system you can perform multiple tasks at once like picture in picture, slide over, split view etc.

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