Have you ever imagined what functions does brain do? Ofcourse everyone knows that its made for thinking but over here today we will show you what part of thinking is done by which side of the brain. We have seen some people who are in love, who are born artist, who take instant decisions, who are very well creative, who are immensely hard working, and so on.

Here are some possible things which Left side and Right Side brain do on their part

Jobs Done by Left Side

  • Planning and Writing – Most important task for any human bring
  • Reading while sitting
  • Rational
  • Logical – Calculating logical expressions and algorithms
  • Precise – Finding out exact solutions
  • Realistic – Bring always realistic, meaning always believing on research and facts
  • Music Critic – I love the Music
  • Dog Lovers

Jobs Done by Right Side

  • Impulsive – Taking Spontaneous Decisions
  • Emotional – I sometimes be
  • Creative and Artistic – Well Deserving act
  • Intuitive
  • Psychic
  • Sound

Well there lot of other things available for comparison which can be seen by the following information graphics below. So this is how we have compared the Left Side and Right side of the brain. Do let us know what you feel about it.

Function & Uses: Left Brain Side VS Right Brain Side

Source: Brain