Easter may be a bit off a way off, that’s definitely very true. However, a love of Easter eggs doesn’t just have to be confined to Easter time. The internet is full of awesome Easter eggs for your enjoyment.

Of course, what we’re talking about here aren’t physical colored eggs (or the plastic ones with candy inside) that you’d be going on a scavenger hunt for. We’re talking about virtual Easter eggs – you know, those fun little hidden messages, inside jokes and more of the like that are found within the internet. In short, you can go to a website and type in a code, take an action or look for a specific spot on the page and very cool things happen. It’s just that simple.

Easter eggs on the web are a wonderful way to just kill some time, or sometimes just to find some great ways to discover all sorts of content for your amusement. Especially if you’ve had a hard day at work or just needed a 5 minute mental break, some of these digital masterpieces are great for the brain. We’ve uncovered some of the cooler Easter eggs on the internet for you and laid them out in one handy infographic. Here you can find some great stuff, such as:

  • How Google and Atari share a common bond
  • Proof that the guys and gals who work for Google love math
  • Awesome things you can do with your search queries
  • All the places you can type the Konami code in on the web (we’re assuming you know what the Konami code is – if not, this is vital information you should definitely have)
  • Different actions to optimize your YouTube viewing experience
  • A list of robot laws, just in case the robot apocalypse does happen
  • A heartfelt note from Jeff Bezos to David Risher
  • How to make it go to eleven
  • An occasional He-Man appearance

These cool tidbits and more can all be found on the web in places that you probably didn’t know possible previously. So go ahead and enjoy yourself. After all, you didn’t think the internet was just really comprised of just cat pics, memes and bacon, did you? There’s so much more to it than that!

Cool & Interesting Easter Eggs on the Internet