The UK’s automotive world is ever changing and nothing stands still. Trends fluctuate continually and to stay on top you’ll need a live feed into the industry.

We’re giving you an inside look into the automotive industry with this fantastic infographic. You’ll find loads of great information from the last 12 months, exclusively sourced by Car Buyers and collated into one cool infographic.

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What will you find with this infographic?

You’ll learn stuff like which car model was the most popular in the last year. The top ten has six different manufacturers listed, but can you guess which was the overall winner?

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Then we take a look outside of the UK and compare data to the rest of Europe. Are there any dramatic changes at the top of the leaderboard or does everything remain on a similar course?

Fancy knowing which manufacturers score highest for key issues such as reliability and running costs? Take a look at our infographic because you’ll probably be very surprised at the results. There are certainly some brands in the mix you probably wouldn’t expect. If you’re looking to buy a new car in 2015, this could be the perfect tool to help make your decision easier.

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Then how about some of the main statistics driving the automotive industry in the UK forward? We’ve got it all covered, from the number of people employed in the trade, to the number of apprenticeships taken up in the last year. You’ll even get some projections for how the industry will shape up in the future. Essentially, for all those with the motoring industry close to their hearts, this infographic has all the important information you’d want to know.

2014 was a big year in the automotive industry for the UK and we hope this continues in 2015 and beyond. Get all the exclusive data and information you want with this infographic.

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This infographic was compiled with some great statistics handpicked from the motoring world. We’ve collected all the information you’d want, including the top selling cars, reliability scores and even the number of people employed in the UK’s automotive industry in the last 12 months.

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