Just look at the facts presented in the Infographic: Home pool and spa safety steps. The numbers of death in the children are alarming and happen during the summer, when it should be a fun and relaxing time.

The eight simple steps are partly from the CDCP (Center of Disease and Prevention) and are proven effective in preventing drowning and deaths. However, there are other safety measures that you could perform in addition to the ones stated in the Infographic.

These are:

  • Testing the temperature – some children, especially the young, are sensitive to cold temperature. If the water is cold, it can shock the child’s body; it can slow the muscle movement, and can make it harder to swim.
  • Don’t push or jump on others – competitive teens usually do this. As part of their “play” they push others from the side of the pool, or jump on others. If you check the Infographic, you will see that there are cases of drowning on this age bracket. So encourage your teens to play nice and carefully.
  • Follow depth markers – especially for inclined swimming pools, playful children challenge themselves to go to the deepest part of the swimming pool. At times it is okay if an adult is supervising them or they know how to swim. However, the risk is when the child doesn’t know how to swim and just holds on the sides of the pool. If he slips, it would be dangerous.
  • No food allowed in the swimming area, no chewing of gum, or don’t eat while you swim – this is very dangerous as the children could choke on the food. Also, it can cause gastric reflux and the child could vomit in the pool. There is also the possibility of drowning if the child drinks too much water in the pool.
  • No swimming during the night – do you believe in the saying, “when the cat is away, the mouse will play”? Older children, particularly the teens have the ability to do things when their parents are not home. Therefore, danger of drowning increases.

The precautions stated in the Infographic are very essential to eliminate or decrease drowning incidents in children. It is simple yet effective, and very easy to follow

Guide: Home pool and Spa safety steps