Beautiful skin is everybody’s dream. Many people dream of having one of the most flawless skins just like celebrities do. There are many celebrities with one of the best skin. There are many reasons for every celebrity to have a great skin. While some swear by the Botox others swear by the skin care regimen followed by them. Whatever may be the reason beautiful skin of these celebrities is surely what everyone wants to have.

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Let us take a some of the celebrities that sport one of the best skins. To start with one of the most famous actress and celebrity Halle Berry has an absolutely flawless skin. If you thought only women had great skin, think again as Ashton Kutcher does have a smooth skin which even women cannot attain. Other male celebrities to sport a smooth and clear skin are Ryan Reynolds and Robert Pattinson. Followed by the men are many women who have lovely skin such as Cate Blanchett, Liv Tyler, Madonna and Hayden Panettiere.

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Other famous and popular actresses that have a good skin care regimen are Catherine Zeta Jones, Meryl Steep, Jessica Alba and Nicole Kidman. If there are actresses that believe in having a wonderful skin due to following a good diet and drinking a lot of water then one cannot forget actresses Anne Hathaway, Kate Winglets and Heidi Klum. For actresses Zhang Ziyi it is sufficient sleep that keeps her skin and complexion clear. Some of the other celebrity stars who rely on a before bed skin regimen are Blake Lively, Scarlett Johansson, Lucy Liu and Kate Bosworth.

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