Do you know Sitting all day increase your death rate to over 40%? Do you know sitting all day makes you fat? Do you know how sitting all day can make you lazy and tiring all day? If you are not aware about all of these health issues then here’s an awesome insights which we got from internet for you.

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Yes, its true. If you are also one of the guy who is sitting all the day in front of your PC or TV then its really killing your life. Infact its the worst ever disease you could get in your entire life. But thanks to the modern world where everything can be tracked using mobile phone health apps.

Recommended Steps & Exercise to follow

  • Stretching
  • Walking in Place
  • Jumping Jacks

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Types of Chairs you should use

  • 70 – Not Recommended at all
  • 90- Not Recommended at all
  • 135 – Highly Recommended

Follow the guide below and you will be really amazed to checkout how your health and life can be increased with this simple information graphic.

Health - How Sitting all day Decreases Human Life

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