Las Vegas is not only a destination to millions of tourists around the world, but also home to approximately 2,000,000 locals in the Las Vegas metro area (including Henderson). Isolated in the desert of southern Nevada and hours away from other major cites, where does Las Vegas get it’s water?

Well, as our infographic will aptly show, we receive most of our water from Lake Mead, who in turn receives most of its water from the Colorado River, who in turn receives most of it’s water from the ice caps of the Rocky Mountains! Which is why Las Vegas water is known to be “hard,” it’s because water that melts from the snow caps from the mountains accumulates minerals and deposits from the mountains and that flows all the way to Las Vegas.

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In my opinion, hard water doesn’t really have a distinct taste, but as a plumber, I can tell you that hard water is the reason why you sometimes see deposits on dishes that were just cleaned through the dishwasher or why clothes can sometimes look dull after washing and drying. While not a necessity, a water softener is a relatively inexpensive addition to your home.

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Lastly, before we jump into the infographic, I wanted to touch briefly on a few ways you can save water. It’s not only Las Vegas, many other cities (and states!) have a shortage on water and their are a few things you can do to save water:

1. As a plumber I have to tell you that you must find and fix any leaks. Even the smallest of leaks can accumulate to be gallons over the course of a few days.

2. Turning off the faucet when you don’t need it. It’s sometimes convenient, and a habit to keep the faucet running when cleaning dishes, or when you brush your teeth, but simply turning it off, then back on when you need it can save a lot of water in the long run.

3. Running larger loads of laundry: Don’t be the person who does a load of laundry for one outfit, save water by doing a larger load.

That’s it for now, so without further a do, here’s the infographic on “Where does Las Vegas get its water?”

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