Detoxification from drugs can be one of the most difficult parts of addiction recovery. The process is long and painful, especially if done cold turkey, without aids or outside support. Unfortunately, the aids often include additional drugs, such as methadone. Detoxing by way of sauna treatments may help a person in recovery detox more comfortably. It may also provide for a speedier detox. It’s recommended to use a sauna daily for approximately three weeks to a month in order to better manage withdrawal symptoms.

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The process is used as a first step in detox, when the level of toxins in the body and the amount of cravings are high. Detoxing slowly and as gently as possible can help reduce the possibility of relapse. Because detox is one of the first steps in addiction recovery, relapsing is more prevalent; therefore, having the best aids possible for the process is necessary for long term recovery. The detox process can help remove the toxins through another route: sweat. This, used with traditional ways the body removes toxins, is why the detox may prove to be faster.

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The sauna can also be a social area where those recovering from addiction (and their support) can communicate about what they’re going through. The environment may be a more comfortable place than a counselor’s office. Because the sauna detox helps to alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal, it may help the person think more clearly, improve their energy level, and give them a better outlook on their addiction recovery journey.

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Sauna detox is also a safer way to detox because the process is not simply cold turkey (as the body is hurt from a sharp withdrawal), and it’s also not drug-based, which can lead the user to become addicted to another drug (as methadone contains the same addictive components as heroin or other opiates). You might also want to check Right Step Pasadena reviews and ratings.

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