The Discovery of God Particle was a major inclusive news in the entire history of Physics. With the help of this particular discovery, now it would be very easy to track the question of Are we alone in Universe which is very important to know for the entire mankind.

Along with the intention of going on to the Mars is now completed as we say Mars Mission Completed. These are some of the great discoveries been established by the Humans and would surely be written in books for people to know more in the upcoming future.

Lot of Research was done earlier with the base particles called Proton, Electron and Neutron, but the research was incomplete without finding out the fourth and the most important element, which is now known as the God Particle. This is also one of the most important element, since with the help of this particular element, now it would be possible to find out the Hidden secrets behind the Evolution of our Diverse Universe.

Now, we can expect some of the major discoveries in mankind with lot of possible collaboration and combination with the old find to evolve something new. So what do you say on the Evolution and the Hidden truth behind the God Particle.

Facts & Truth Behind Discovery of God Particle - Detailed Case Study