Choosing where to go on vacation is one of life’s greatest dilemmas and as such, lots of factors play an important role when making the final decision. Oftentimes, your budget, travel companion and plain willingness to travel lead you towards choosing one destination over the other. However, what if the number of beaches and coasts to choose from dictates your preference all else being equal?

Then, a comprehensive infographic with the coastline lengths of the most visited beach destinations around the world, would definitely be a helpful place to start.

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Holidays in Spain are one of the things most people in Northern Europe wait for besides summer itself. The great weather, vibrant life and exquisite cuisine are just a few of the things making Spain a unique destination and when it comes to the beaches that’s when it really shines! From the highly praised Mediterranean coastline of Playa Blanca to the volcanic black sand beaches around the Canary Islands, Spain offers loads of choices on where to spend a summer day or two (or way more depending on your trip). With over 3084 miles of coast, excellent services and friendly prices it’s no wonder why Spain brims with tourists each year.


Another all time favorite destination, Greece has all kinds of natural beauty and this could certainly be said about its beaches as well. High up on the list of countries with the longest coastlines in the world, the 11 million strong country tends to make room for a couple million more visitors each year who go there in order to enjoy the sun, sea, sand, magnificent food and spectacular culture. That said,holidays in Greece are one of the things that you ought to experience at least once in a lifetime! Sure, some of the beaches might get crowded during high season but worry not, since Greece’s 2485 miles of coastline can provide you with loads of choices.


The land of explorers, Portugal, has a rich sea culture and colonial history which even rubs off on its people and customs to the day. From the coasts where explorers set off towards their next discoveries to the coasts which nowadays brim with tourists, the shores of the country’s mainland and its islands are a joy to experience and are definitely a place to visit when on your next holidays to Portugal. 1115 miles of coastline will certainly put you in the mood for exploring and even if numbers are not your thing, you could always do a simple google search and get lost in the pictures.

Long haul

As in exotic, wonderful, fascinating and mysterious (at least for the European crowds). Long haul destinations with their pristine white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and idyllic environments definitely are some of the first pictures that we have in mind when thinking of the perfect beach. From the beauty of the Caribbean such as Jamaica, Cancun, Barbados, St. Lucia and the Dominican Republic to the otherworldly beauty of Philippines and the immense archipelago of the Maldives, Long haul destinations are a dream come true for the ones lucky enough to visit. Ultimately each country holds its own in the holiday game but in case that you happen to have the money and will to visit, rest assured that no other destination will seem as exotic afterwards.

Miles and smiles on the beach: Destinations by shoreline length